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White Matter

Anne Tveit Knutsen
White Matter

24 November 2016 - 1 January 2017

The exhibition will be officially opened by Per Kvist.

White Matter addresses the theme of dementia. It is nourished by the artist’s experiences with senile dementia in her previous occupation as a nurse, also through her encounters with relatives who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. The exhibition explores the theme from the perspectives of patients and close family members. With titles such as To Mother and To Father, she invites us to reflect on what happens when a parent develops dementia.

This disease poses great challenges to modern medicine. It will affect most of us at one time or another, if current developments continue unabated. While the disease is puzzling, researchers think it relates to a white substance in the brain/nervous system. Hence the exhibition title.

Anne Knutsen shows new works in this exhibition at SOFT Galleri. She uses video, sound and the written word as artistic media. The works belong to the series Am I too loud? T he first video in this series earned the ‘special prize’ in the Nordic-Russian competition PORTRÆT NU (Portrait Now, Nationalhistoriske Museum, Frederiksborg Slot, Denmark, 2013).

Artist’s Statement:
I am interested in the topic of individual self-worth. Using video as my main artistic medium, I focus on people in different situations in life. The videos show quiet sequences of events that are often obviously staged. I explore themes such as comfort, discomfort, control and the lack thereof, whether in interpersonal relations or on an internal, individual level. The themes vary from the intimate and personal to more universal issues that cut across cultures. I am interested in an individual’s encounter with himself/herself and the surrounding world, and how this is filtered through earlier experiences. How much space is a person allowed to take up? And how much space do others allow that person to take up? How do power and its abuse affect our ability to raise our personal voice? How quiet can a person be and yet still be heard? (Anne Knutsen)

Anne Tveit Knutsen (b. 1961) lives and works in Bergen. She received an MA from Bergen Academy of the Arts / Textile Department in 2004. Selected solo exhibitions include Galleri Format (Oslo), House of Foundation (Moss) and Visningsrommet USF (Oslo). She has participated in group shows in Norway and abroad. Knutsen is a member of the artist group ‘Knutsen, Paulsen & Hoem’, which has mounted several exhibitions in Norway, from Karasjok in the north to Fredrikstad in the south.

Translation: Arlyne Moi.

White Matter

Stillbilde fra videoverket Til far (2016)
Verket er innkjøpt av innkjøpsfondet for norsk kunsthåndverk til KODE i Bergen

White Matter

Anne Tveit Knutsen: Hvit substans
Foto: Øystein Thorvaldsen

White Matter

Anne Tveit Knutsen: Hvit substans
Foto:Øystein Thorvaldsen

White Matter

Anne Tveit Knutsen: Hvit substans
Foto:Øystein Thorvaldsen

White Matter