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Bente Sætrang

16 October - 7 December 2008

Welcome to opening reception Thursday October 16, 7 PM

Bente Sætrang wishes to express her personal experiences and political comments through her art. She attempts to understand herself in a political context and one can see this involvement expressed in her artworks. The textile material has got its own language; historically the language is strong and filled with symbols, but for everyday use just banal and necessary. Within these possibilities for expressions Bente Sætrang creates her art.
Bente Sætrang works with printing, drawing and painting techniques direct on textile materials such as canvas and tarpaulin. She prints and paints in layers on the surface, and then she rubs down part after part to reveal the first layers. She also adds other details, small things from the textile world of duration and care, such as stitches, to underline the character of the textile materials. She is probably most known for her painted draperies on old and worn out tarpaulins.

At Soft gallery Bente Sætrang presents two new, large scale textile works. The material is old and used tarpaulins. The work ”(re-) construction” measures 280 cm X 283 cm, and consists of bright and intense yellow, green, pink and blue colours. Work nr. 2 “construction (-site)” makes a contrast with colours from deep blue to black. These two separate works of art relates in a dialogue with each other, and can be seen as two paragraphs, two flakes, taken from a larger continuity. 

For over 30 years, Bente Sætrang has explored the limits of textile art and the scope for going beyond them. By combining painting and printing techniques, and blurring the relationship between them, Bente Sætrang`s textile pictures break down traditional boundaries within art. Likewise, her tapestries constantly pose and formulate new questions; questions concerning the hierarchical relationship between our shared cultural values and a gender-related subjectivity.
Jorunn Haakestad

Bente Sætrang is one of Norway’s best known textile artists. She also plays a part at the international textile art scene. She was awarded the prize from the National Museum at the triennial “Textile 07” in Kaunas, Lithuania, and was given a silver medal at the 11th international Textile triennial in Lodz, Poland in 2004.

Sætrang has her diploma degree from the textile department at The National College of Art in Oslo in 1973, and from The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland ( Prof.M. Abakanovicz) in 1974. She has had several exhibitions and commissioned works. She had a retrospective exhibition at The Museum of Art and Crafts in Bergen and in Oslo in 2003 – 2004 called”Pattern, Meaning, Memory.” Many collections have purchased her works such as The Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo, all three Norwegian art and crafts museums and Victoria & Albert Museum.

Bente Sætrang was professor and head of the textile department at The National College of Art in Bergen from 1987 to 1993.