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Context and Collaboration: connections and differences in contemporary textile practice in Japan and Norway

Context and Collaboration: connections and differences in contemporary textile practice in Japan and Norway

Artists Presentations and discussion panel Kunstnernes Hus, Akademirommet, 1 April, 19:00 – 21:00

CULTEX at Kunstnernes Hus

Wednesday the 1st of April at 7 - 9 PM

Title: Context and Collaboration: connections and differences in contemporary textile practice in Japan and Norway A series of presentations followed by a panel discussion in which the participants in the CULTEX project describe and discuss their year long collaborative journey resulting in the exhibition Opening at Galleri F15 on April 4th

Taking part:
Moderator: Curator of CULTEX Professor Lesley Millar, Professor of Textile Culture,
University for the Creative Arts, UK
CULTEX Artists:


Professor Machiko Agano
Associate Professor Yuka Kawai
Professor Kiyonori Shimada
Keiko Kawashima, Project Co-ordinator Japan, Director Gallery Gallery Kyoto


Anniken Amundsen
Gabriella Goransson
Eva Schjølberg

The six artists in CULTEX have been working in three trans-national pairings, exploring the processes of realising form and structure in textiles in Norway and Japan. Their collaborations have taken place in the context of the developing relationship within each partnership and the surrounding social and material environments.

Each partnership was brought together by the Curator after careful research and matching of creative sensibilities. The use of materials, different technical expertise, relationships to concept and context were taken into consideration and recognised as representing appropriate yet diverse methodologies within both cultures.

The exchange was conducted in English, a second language for all 6 participants, which placed a special emphasis on the understanding of cloth and the making of cloth as a means of communication. Within the collaborative partnerships, these six highly respected artists have explored their different approaches to the creative process, approaches mediated by specific cultural identities and each artist’s established practice.

The prospect of producing collaborative work provided fertile ground for the artists to explore cross-cultural differences and connections. The outcome exhibition at Galleri F15 is an exciting and thoughtful new body of work, reflecting the artists’ individual and collaborative experience during the working exchange.

The event at Kunstnernes Hus provides a unique opportunity to hear first hand from the Japanese artists about their work and to join in the discussion with all the artists and the Curator about their experiences during the CULTEX project.

Machiko Agano and Kiyonori Shimada are two of the foremost textile artists in Japan, their work is held in musuems in Japan, the UK, Australia and the USA. This is the first showing of their work and that of Yuka Kawai in Norway.
Lesley Millar is the Director of the Anglo Japanese Textile Research Centre and curator of several major touring exhibitions featuring the work of Japanese textile artists The CULTEX exhibition will travel to the UK in 2010 and Japan in 2011