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Morphology in the Morning Gartneren Anderes

Hanne Frey Husø
Morphology in the Morning

5 August - 5 September 2010

The art critic Trond Borgen has written the text “The Archive Filed” for the catalogue.

In a dreamlike landscape, before sunrise, the spider spins and spreads out its web. In a house in a dreamt garden sits the archivist and works on his morphological description of the spider. His text is a web of his own thoughts and quotations from philosophers and poets.

The animated movie “Morphology in the Morning” is a combination of Stop Motion, 2D-animation and still images. The term “morphology” was developed by Goethe in his work “The Metamorphosis of Plants”. The term is used in the film as a metaphor on the relationship between the fragments and the full volume of the archive - the fragments stored in dusty drawers. The archivist takes out a presumably dead object, the spider, and animates it.

The stage sets, the puppets and the drawings from the film is presented in the gallery space, transforming the gallery into an archive. All of the stage sets are made of handmade paper by the artist. The spider web is spun of Mulberry paper. The archivist are carved in wood. The drawings are on machine-typed sheets form old sises and lexica. Some of the animations are collages of illustrated books on mechanics, inventions and anatomy.

“Morphology in the Morning” is part of a greater project titled “The Archive of Insel Freyhaus”. This project contains puppets, each of them with a book made of thick handmade paper - everything filed in a dark cabinet. The exhibition at SOFT gallery is a digitalisation of a small part of the greater ” The Archive of Insel Freyhaus”. Frey Husø underlines the handmade aspect of the archive: the film is slow, and is made with the patience of the classical / traditional animation technique.

The voice of the archivist is read by former Supreme Court judge Gunnar Aasland.

The sound track is a composition for tuba, harmonica and ukulele that has been composed and recorded especially for the film.

Hanne Frey Husø (b.1974) lives and works at Nesodden, Oslo. She has a masterdegree from the Department of Textile Art at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO), and has also studied Comparative Literature and Informatics at The University of Oslo. Frey Husø has studied in Prague, learning puppet making and Stop Motion-animation from Mirek Trejtnar. Her masterproject ” The Archive of Insel Freyhaus ” has previously been shown at Seilduksfabrikken, Oslo and at Hå Gamle Prestegard, Stavanger. The exhibition at SOFT gallery is Frey Husø´s first solo exhibition. She has participated in several group exhibitions.

The project is supported by the Arts Council Norway and Pedro´s Memorial Foundation.

Morphology in the Morning


Morphology in the Morning Morphology in the Morning