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Hans Hamid Rasmussen

13 August - 27 September 2009

SOFT gallery are proud to present the latest work of Hans Hamid Rasmussen.
Works by Rasmussen was shown at Kunstnernes hus, during the event ”Africa in Oslo” last winter, where he presented large sculptural shapes of embroidered textiles.

SOFT gallery shows a new installation with the title ”Wrong – Right”. The title of the installation makes a reference to the phenomena of turning the cloth inside out, to show the reversed side of the material. The wrong side is normally facing the skin or a thing, away from the room. In Rasmussens installation the viewer can see the wrong side and get access to ”the other“. Hans Hamid Rasmussens intention is to combine the narrative and the room in such a way that one can frame the question of being on the inside – outside, wrong – right.

In many ways this installation by Rasmussen can be defined as a project discussing different issues within the textile media itself. In addition to that, it is referring to its own agenda of dialogue across cultural inheritance, nationality and artistic languages. He is often using text in his works. This put emphasis on one of his main themes, cultural differences.
Rasmussens embroidery challenges also the stereotype thinking about gender and craft.

Hans Hamid Rasmussen was born in Algeria but has been raised in Norway.
Through his work at the Oslo National Academy of art, he has been an important voice in the development and understanding of the field of textile based art in Norway.
Rasmussen has made important contributions to the Norwegian contemporary art scene through many exhibitions both at home and abroad.

He represented Norway at the São Paulo Biennal in 2004, and The Third International biennal Guangzhou in China in 2008.

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