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Contribution to the Development of Norway

Katrine Meisfjord
Contribution to the Development of Norway

3 June - 27 June 2010

Mainstream western thinking is spreading throughout the world. It introduces itself as a bearer of universal values, more or less ignoring the very existence of other sets of values, or other types of knowledge. Through aid, for instance, the West creates a picture of itself as competent, and having valuable experience to share with people in other parts of the world, but the same is not valid the other way around.

In our time, it has becoming obvious that the western way of thinking has its limitations. The globe suffers from serious climate challenges, increasing differences between rich and poor, over consumption, and an increasing number of dropouts from the mainstream way of life. Maybe it is time for modern man to seek advice and alternative knowledge, and let their culture be complemented and enriched by other types of thinking.

Katrine is investigating which kind of knowledge we actually have in Norway today, by inviting certain people to the gallery to share their specific knowledge in dialogues, lessons and in practical work.

Included in the project is the artists redesign of uniforms and elaboration of titles, - both illustrating and questioning the hierarchies between cultures and types of knowledge. Sometimes the uniforms form a part of an installation; sometimes the public or others can wear them.

Katrine Meisfjord finished her art education with a master degree from KHiB in 2009. She is also educated as a nurse. The exhibition at SOFT gallery is her first major solo exhibition.