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You have to draw the line somewhere Marius Moldvær: Uten tittel. Sigarett, polyester og bomull, varierende dimensjoner (2018).

Marius Moldvær
You have to draw the line somewhere

November 29th 2018 – January 3rd 2019

Marius Moldvær’s works exist at the intersection between theory and practice. Through forms of expression such as textiles, photography, sculpture and texts, and through formats such as exhibitions, lectures and publications, he construes paradigms that connect several disciplines.

In the exhibition You have to draw the line somewhere, Moldvær works with the themes of memory, history, places and personal narratives. He treats naïve and analytical methods as equally valid for creating textiles, objects and texts.

In the project, there’s continuous oscillation between what can be experienced as obvious truths and what can be intuited and felt. Like a game with no end, the exhibition branches out in all directions. This happens through the agency of the viewer and through the objects that are combined using various techniques. The objects, the written word, the materials themselves and their function and position are not merely challenged through the exhibition’s construction, but also through how the exhibition can be read ‘in conversation’ with the viewer, who ends up viewing his or her own memories, knowledge and naiveté.

There is an entrenched idea that people perceive time in two ways: through history and through memory, with the former understood as objective and the latter as subjective. History, it is assumed, forms a straight and logical line that progresses in regular increments towards an unknown future, whereas memories span out in many directions and only move forward within a limited time frame – a lifetime. In a text supplementing the exhibition, Moldvær argues that there are nevertheless situations in which history and memories intermingle and can be understood as one continuous and combined stream that is simultaneously logical and illogical, subjective and objective, forward-flowing, but also flowing in every conceivable direction. The artist uses the game ‘Concentration’ (also called ‘Memory’) to exemplify this. But the game must also come to an end, as he says in the text:

The only way, or reason, for Concentration to end—since its system and connected stories are endless, both through the people playing and the system as such—is that a game requires a winner, a story, an end. You run out of cards, so you have to draw the line somewhere.

Marius Moldvær (b. 1985, Aurland) is a visual artist and theorist. He holds a BFA in photography from Bergen National Academy of the Arts (2011), and an MA in critical theory and creative research from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon (2014). His previous solo exhibitions include Trace Me Where I’m Not at Home, Barents Spektakelet, Kirkenes (2017); and HEIMAT/HIRAETH at Kunsthuset KABUSO, Øystese (2015).

The exhibition is supported by the Arts Council Norway.

You have to draw the line somewhere

Foto: Øystein Thorvaldsen.

You have to draw the line somewhere

Foto: Øystein Thorvaldsen.