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Coming Community

Runa Carlsen
Coming Community

25 February - 4 April 2010

In the exhibition Coming Community Runa Carlsen puts focus on the rapid growth of building activity in the Bjørvika area in Oslo, where a new part of town is being developed. Carlsen contributes to this development in her own way by creating another type of space - a space within the space.

Her means of construction is a conceptually orientated weaving technique. The loom is a piece of scaffolding on wheels. This ”loom” can be moved around the city, where Carlsen finds materials and inspiration for her work.

The artist is concerned with the structures of the city, and how people interact in different ways in the community. Carlsen is engaged in how people meet and share experiences and knowledge, and she asks the question of how to create a more human environment by means of collective strategies.

Runa Carlsen has a degree from The Oslo Academy of Fine Art, Oslo University College, and from Parsons School of Design, New York. She has worked with a number of socially orientated art projects, and interventions in public space. The show at SOFT gallery is her first solo exhibition.

Coming Community Coming Community Coming Community