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Siri Berqvam

25 June - 2 August 2009

The homely and the intimate establish the base for the work of Siri Berqvam, which consists of installations made up by various sculptures and small fragments put together. Berqvam finds the uniformity in the rigorous use of the soft textile appealing, the techniques are also taken from the familiar sphere, for instance embroidery, sewing, chrocheting. These caricatures of reality could have the potential to express human experience, because of the obvious presence of these things in our lives.

Time becomes visible as her work is conceived quietly and slowly. It becomes a silent protest against the everyday pressure of beeing rational, by means of spending time on objects which are usually associated with cheap consumtion products.

Imitation is an important way of which the child is learning about the adult world. Their world becomes fascinating and mysterious, secrets are hidden in their minds which we cannot understand. They are aliens entering our home. For us, the secrets are lost forever. By detaching things from functionality, they can exist in another dimention. In this state, the inanimate arise to life.

Sudden change may be disturbing in such a way that the surroundings are perceived differently. Subdued by cotton or as in vacuum. The need for adjustment and turning back to zero becomes necessary. I am also looking for ways to emphasize on details, nonsense and rubbish. Siri Berqvam`s latest installations are presenting details in an oversized manner, describing insignificant situations or moments.
Siri Berqvam (born 1977) has got a Masters degree from The National College of Art and Design in Bergen in 2006. Since graduating she has been very active and visible on the Norwegian Art scene. Berqvam was represented at the Exhibition “LIGHTS ON” at Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern At in 2008 and at Norwegian Sculpture Biennal 2008.

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