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May Bente Aronsen

3 April - 11 May 2008

In October 2007 May Bente Aronsen received “The Nordic Award in Textiles 2007”, with a following solo exhibition at The textile Museum in Borås, Sweden. In 2000 The Norwegian Association of Arts and Crafts awarded her its prize for the most notable work at its annual exhibition.

May Bente Aronsen is known for creating large scale textile works that are both monumental and three-dimensional. She uses materials such as felted wool and polyester tissue. Precisely she cuts out geometrical shapes and patterns from the textile materials. Aronsen uses these as modules to build up her large scale reliefs. The technique is her own; she has developed and perfected it over several years. With this technique she manages to create pronounced textile works with her very own distinct signature. In her last works Aronsen has constructed her works by hanging cut out textile shapes with a certain space between them. This allows her to go further in experimenting with optic illusions; are you standing close to the work you may see right through it, are you watching from a distance it looks as if the surface is solid with geometrical shapes. At SOFT May Bente Aronsen is showing a brand new textile work. It is hanging from the ceiling and visitors can move around and see the work from all angles.

May Bente Aronsen is born in 1962 in Nordland and is now living and working in Oslo. She has studied textile art at both the College of Art in Bergen and Oslo with a master degree from The National College of Art In Oslo in 1991. May Bente Aronsen is a very active textile artist when it comes to exhibitions and commissioned works, both in Norway and abroad. Her works are purchased by all three Norwegian art and crafts museums. One may also see her art at the new House of Literature in Oslo where she delivered a large decorative installation last autumn. Aronsen is now working with a new commission; she is going to create decorations for the new courtrooms in Stockholm Rådhus (Stocholm Court).