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Guns for hire

Don't let him get away again!

We uncover the 10 most common tricks superspies use to escape even the most fearsome of death traps. You'll never let the boss down again!

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So the tall hitman says to the short hitman...

Hot Hats for Henchman

Stand out from the crowd with this years selection of henchman headwear that's both attractive and functional. Available in a range of fashion colours, and perfect for the balding baddy.

Beware, not every head can handle a hat, so take our hat quiz before you buy.

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Curious fashion for the voracious gentleman

Diary of a Henchman

Finally, the explosive anonymous revelations of a henchman who has worked with some of history's greatest villains. You won't believe what goes on when the giant death ray is turned off.

We've got advance copies for every new subscriber to the print version of Modern Henchman, so don't delay subscribe today.


Most probably the most evil looking lair you will see

Lair maintenance for beginners

The boss has captured his arch enemy for the third time, but the laser mounts keep slipping off the sharks and the aquarium guy can't come until Saturday! Don't panic, just follow our simple illustrated guides and you'll be indispensable.

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